Death to the Starving Artist.


Our Mission in creating Artify is to end the concept of ‘the starving artist’.


We have created an entire infrastructure for you to sell your artwork in a variety of the highest-quality mediums; where we will take care of the entire production process and shipping to your customer. Your job is to upload and share your artwork, then collect profit once sales are made. 

We want to create a chance for the artist to thrive as a result of their artwork. We endeavour to create the biggest artist hub highlighting talented artists and artworks across Australia and the globe.  We want to create all the tools for your art to be recognised and your story to resonate. Your success equals our success; and it is our mission to do everything we can to ensure your vision becomes a reality. 

Our Mission.

Our Promise to you.

We promise to ensure that each and every piece of artwork we create for you abides by our stringent quality standards and the satisfaction of the both artist and customer is the barometer for our success. 

- The Founders