Pricing? Your Art. Your Price.

How much does it cost to Join?

It's Absolutely Free. 

Artify aims to be Australia's Number 1 Platform for Artists and therefore it is absolutely free to join as an Artist. Simply upload your artwork, share your page with your audience and collect your profits; we'll take care of the rest. 

Pricing? Your Art. Your Price.

Here's a Breakdown:

Cost of Production + Your Markup = Sale Price (to the customer)

Profit Split =  20% Artify (to keep the lights on)  /  80% Yours  

The Sale Price? Completely up to you.

Minimum 30% Markup.



Landscape / Portait




Cost of Production 

This is how much the cost of that specific medium is to you (the artist).


Your Markup

This is the percentage you markup you add to the products for sale from the Cost of Production.
This is completely up to you and we have a minimum of 30% to ensure you make profit per item. 

Sale Price

This is what price the customer will be paying for your artwork.


Profit Split

This is the term used to explain how the profits will be distributed  between yourself (the artist) and Artify on each product sold. 

Print Window

The Print Window refers to the Framed Fine Art Prints specifically. It refers to the area in which the artwork print comprises. An additional 3 inch digital mat and 4cm frame is added external to the Print Window.

What is the Cost of Production per each Product?